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The value of having a qualified Project Manager on board is not only realized in the quality of the end-product and overall comparison of fee vs. cost savings, but it is even more evidenced through all phases from planning and preconstruction all the way through to open-for-play. The three most critical components of any project, golf or otherwise, are 1) scope, 2) schedule 3) and budget. A skilled Project Manager must be able to not only realistically align each of these with each other leading up to the commencement of a construction project, but also manage each daily in a way that allows for efficiencies not previously known to surface and be capitalized upon. Conversely, each one of the components noted above also carries with it the possibility of dramatically affecting the other two adversely if not effectively managed and properly communicated.

Communication, in all its forms (spoken, documented, emailed, etc.), when sufficiently performed, will minimize the likelihood of any unknowns evolving into impactful issues. In a golf course construction setting, a quality Project Manager should be the primary channel of discourse between all parties on site including but not limited to the Contractor, Golf Course Architect, Owner as well as all Subcontractors and Consultants. In many scenarios, the Project Manager will also liaise between the private entities mentioned above and all relevant regulatory entities and their designated representatives. A familiarity of city, county, state and federal agencies and their corresponding processes can prove immensely beneficial, as regulation rarely enhances one’s ability to manage scope, schedule and budget, but can severely and negatively impact it if not adequately addressed in advance and in lockstep with project objectives.

From a maintenance perspective, competent Project Management through the construction phase will also limit the likelihood of immediate, near-term and long-term attention required by the maintenance staff, particularly on matters concerning drainage and irrigation. Long term effects from the selection of materials, to the means and methods with which they were installed, will have a lasting impression on maintenance practices. The more time spent by staff leveling heads, adjusting valves, adding drainage, addressing bird baths, altering grass lines and so on is more time spent away from doing what they need to be doing as part of regular programming.

Having a project manager on-board during construction that represents the interests of the long-term maintenance program is extremely beneficial as well. Unfortunately, architects and contractors often base their decisions solely on the visual appeal of the golf course and pay little attention to the eventual operations of the property. Too often, we see features built on the golf course that add crippling and unnecessary costs to the maintenance department that could have been avoided with input during the construction process. Having a voice during construction that represents the long-term maintenance objectives can often help make decisions that still accomplish the architect’s vision… but also set the course up for success long-term.

From design to cost estimation, through project completion and post construction, Casa Verde Golf takes a disciplined approach to every project. With years of experience, we have designed arigorous planning template that provides the structure for all stages of construction. This planningprocess provides organization, stability and seamlessly integrates our full complement of services.

Casa Verde Golf’s approach to manage costs during design and construction is hands-on with an emphasis on timely availability of schedule and budget documents which allow the decision-makers involved to assess and pivot where/if necessary.

Casa Verde Golf maintains an accurate cost coding on all projects from inception to completion, which is integrated into our accounting system. The initial budget is established using the bid estimate/proposal and is updated and reviewed daily. Every item purchased on the project, all subcontracts on the project and all labor performed will be cost coded and charged to individual budget items so the all is known in real time where we stand relative to baseline budgets and costs.

All key members of our team discuss all aspects of the project, including financial standing, schedule impacts and staffing adjustments among other issues – all of which contribute to the bottom line.

Every project is a unique opportunity to build something special. Rather than relying on square footage or historical pricing structures, Casa Verde Golf customizes a plan specific to our client’s needs. We are extremely successful managing project costs and schedules throughout the design and development process. By bringing us on early in the project, we can play an active role in the entire process from planning through completion, and thus produce a quality facility within budget.

Casa Verde Golf develops a construction schedule by identifying all major activities for design, approvals, procurement of materials and actual building time. As the design is developed, the schedule is expanded in detail particularly for the construction phase. This construction schedule utilizes specialized software, which is constantly monitored and updated throughout the project so that our client knows exactly where we are in the process.

Throughout the post-construction phase, we remain actively involved with our clients. The Field Supervisor and Project Manager are available to address any concerns that may arise. Our post-construction services include, completion of punch list work, all subcontracts warranties, the delivery of as-built records, operating, maintenance manuals and any other documentation. Our clients can rest assured that all systems have been properly tested and certified.

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